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Appetizers from Sushi Bar
J04 Sushi4 pieces of sushi of chef's choice.$5.99
J05 Sashimi6 pieces of fresh sliced raw fish of chef's choice.$6.99
J06 Tuna TatakiThinly sliced seared tuna served with special sauce.$6.99
J07 Spicy ComboTuna, salmon, yellowtail, red clam, conch, crab with spicy sauce.$8.99
Appetizers from the Kitchen
J01 Shumai6 pieces of steamed shrimp dumpling.$4.99
J02 EdamameSteamed soy bean with salt.$3.99
J03A Tempura (Vegetable)Lightly battered & deep fried with special sauce.$5.25
J03B Tempura (Shrimp)Lightly battered & deep fried with special sauce.$6.25
Cooked Sushi (2 Pieces) or Sashimi (3 Pieces)
J28 Bean Curd (Inari) $3.69
J29 Baby Octopus $3.99
J30 Crab Stick (Kani) $3.49
J31 Eel (Unagi) $4.99
J32 Egg (Tomago) $3.69
J33 Octopus (Tako) $4.49
J34 Smoked Salmon $4.00
J35 Shrimp (Ebi) $4.00